History of Ecommerce

Today, you can buy almost anything online. In 2014, on Cyber Monday alone, $2.68 billion in sales were made.

So, how did we get here?

The Unexpected Story of How Ecommerce started tells the story of the first online sale ever, along with the birth of commerce on the Internet. It’s a compelling story that involves a large pizza ,marijuana, cornflakes, milk, eggs and a 72-year old grandmother, named Jane Snowball.

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Producer: Marco Patricio & Vinny Verma
Director: Stuart Langfield
Cinematography & Editing: Matthew Wiebe
Motion & Animation: Annette Keys & Stuart Langfield
Sound Design: Marco Patricio
Original Score: Jim Guthrie
Story Edit: Marco Patricio & Vinny Verma
Special Thanks:
Janet Park


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