How To Create a Complete eCommerce Website with WordPress | 2017

Hi guys, in this tutorial I combined my 2 best view video’s intro one complete website & webshop tutorial. We will make us of WordPress and WooCommerce. In this first few minutes I show you what we are going to make and after that we get right into it! An example of WordPress website with the WooCommerce webshop canl be found at

Example Files:

Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2017. This is my best WordPress tutorial so far. In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a beautiful, stunning and functional WordPress website with the Enfold theme. You will be amazing by the possibilities of this theme. I make use of the Enfold theme, the best WordPress Theme in my opinion.

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As a webdesigner I come across a lot of clients who have certain wishes. Sometimes they have their own theme already in mind. Almost every time I convince them that it is also possible with the Enfold theme. I know that theme the best and it works like charm! With WordPress and the Enfold theme you can make outstanding websites! And I will show you everything I know about this theme in this tutorial! Goodluck with making a great website!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:
Enfold Theme:

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Download the images I use in this tutorial:
Tutorial website:

Overview of the WordPress & WooCommerce Tutorial:
00:00 Intro
09:25 Get a Domain and Webhosting
13:55 Install WordPress
16:01 Clean up/organize the backend of your website

21:42 Create the pages that you want to have on your website
23:45 Create and assign your menu

27:11 Get the WordPress Enfold Theme
32:00 Install the Enfold Theme
34:07 Configure WordPress Settings

Configure the Enfold Theme:
36:42 Theme Options (choose homepage, upload logo and favicon)
38:50 General Layout
40:34 General Styling
45:54 Advanced Styling

48:05 Header Settings
53:55 Sidebar Settings
54:59 Footer Settings
57:37 Google Services
58:05 Demo import options

59:04 The Contact page
59:21 Basics of alinea’s, rules and headers
59:54 Introduction to the (amazing) Advanced Layout Editor
1:00:55 Install and place Contact Form 7 and add a sidebar
1:03:12 Introduction to the color section
1:04:39 Add Create a sidebar and assign it to a page
1:05:00 Add a text widget
1:10:29 Add a Facebook Likebox

1:11:40 The Blog page
1:11:50 Create your first blogpost with the Advanced Layout Editor
1:17:18 Import Layout Elements in your blogost
1:21:18 Insert and adjust images in your text block
1:26:22 Take your blogpost to the next level with a transparant header, image in the header, video in the header, text over the video. A lot of cool stuff! 🙂
1:36:16 Adjust the transparency of your transparent header background.

1:40:53 Change the post time of your blogpost (or schedule it)
Edit the Blog page layout


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